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Support For All

We support every version, modpack, plugins, jar, mod, and version. Even custom ones.

One Click Modpack Downloads

Download any modpack of your choosing from our modpack installer, with a simple click.

Version Installer

Downloading versions is simple, with our one-click version installer.

Plugin Manager

Download an manage plugins with ease with in inbuilt Plugin Manager.

Change Game Any Time

Want to try a diffrent game. Change the game your server is running, at any time, to one of our supported games.

Split Your Server

Split unused resources into another server, at no additional cost.

Free Backups

Keep your files and server safe, with our backup manager.

MySQL Database

Access to a MySQL Database at no additional cost.

Sub Domain

Make your server look extra fancy with a custom subdomain.

Smart Settings

Config your server all from within a simple UI.

Unlimited Player Slots

We don't cap your player slots. Cram in all the players your server can handle.

24/7 Support

Our support team are always on hand to help you with any questions, or issues.


If the questions you're looking for isn't here, please join our Discord or contact our sales team.

Do you support GraalVM?

Yep, we support GraalVM. You can select GraalVM or OpenJ9 from our Java version drop down.

Do you support Dynmap, Geyser, or Simple Voice Chat?

Yep, we support all plugins, mods, versions, and jars. If you need help getting these setup on your server, you can follow our video guides on YouTube, or our support team can set it up for you.YouTube Channel

What modpacks do you support?

We support every modpack. All modpacks on Curse Forge, Technic, Modrinth, or Feed The Beast can be downloaded via our one-click installer.

Should I choose a Budget or Performance server?

Depending on what you're doing with your server, will depend on what package is best for you. You can upgrade from a Budget to a Performance server, so if you're not sure, go for the lowest, then upgrade later. If you're running modded, or a public server then we recommend you select a Performance server over a Budget.

Can I upgrade my server?

Yep, you can upgrade and downgrade your server at anytime. So if you're not sure about a package, pick a lower option and upgrade as needed.

How quickly are servers setup?

As soon as you order your server, your server is active and ready to use. Allowing you to get online in no time.

What's the best plan to choose?

That will depend on what you're looking to run on your server. If you're unsure always opt for a smaller package, you can upgrade at anytime.

Can I upload my own world?

Yep, you can upload your own world via the file manager, and then set it in the server overview page.

What's the player cap on your servers?

We don't cap your server, cram all the players in your server can handle.

What's the render distance on your servers?

Services like Minecraft Realms will cap your render distance/simulation distance to around 10. By default your render distance will be 10, but you can up this to whatever you want in your servers config. The only limit is the power of your server. (Information correct as of 30.11.22)

What's render distance/simulation distance?

The render distance is how far out your server will render chunks, the simulation distance is how far out things will happen. For example, if its set to 10, then 10 chunks way from the player, mobs will still move. If the player goes further away, mobs will will stop moving and lose their AI.