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$5.09/ Month

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2 Logical Core

100gb SSD Storage

DDOS Protection

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$7.64/ Month

$8.99/ Month

4 Logical Core

100gb SSD Storage

DDOS Protection

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All this and more comes with your server

Free Backups

Keep your files and server safe with our free backups.

Auto Updates

We'll keep your servers updated automatically, all you need todo is restart.

No Player Caps

We don't cap your players. Invite all the players your server can handle.

Dedicated IP

All our Valheim servers come with a free Dedicated IP.

DDoS Protected

Keep your servers online 24/7 with our free DDoS Protection.

Full File Access

Access all the files via our panels file manager or SFTP.

Split Your Server

Split unused resources into another server, at no additional cost.

Change Game Anytime

Change the game your server is running at anytime.

Import Your Files

Already with a host? Import your files to Kinetic with a click.


If the questions you're looking for isn't here, please join our Discord or contact our sales team.

Do you support beta/test builds of the game?

Yep, we support the beta/test builds of the game. You can change the build your server is using from the server overview page.

Do you support mods?

Feel free to mod your server. We have support for all Valheim mods.

Can I upload my own world?

Yep, you can upload your own world via our file manager

How quickly are servers setup?

As soon as you order your server, your server is active and ready to use. Allowing you to get online in no time.

What's the best plan to choose?

That will depend on what you're looking to run on your server. If you're unsure always opt for a smaller package, you can upgrade at anytime.

Do you support Valheim Plus?

Yep, we support all mods for Valheim.