Find out more about us, how we got started, our history, and our key goals.

Our Key Goals


We built Kinetic Hosting for you, so it just makes sense to take on your feedback. We have feedback channels open on our Discord, and our roadmap of updates, so you can see what we're working on.


We're founded on a combined 24 years of experience in game hosting. Our support team are experienced in all our supported games. There to offer you support and help you with any issues.


Our prices are pushed down as low as possible. We don't lock features or support behind paywalls, or hide charges at the checkout. You get everything you need, in every package.


Hosting doesn’t have to be hard. With our one-click installers, GUI config editors, knowledgebase, and inbuilt panel tutorials. We’ve made hosting easy for even the least experienced user.

About Our Company

We know that some people want to know a little about a company before dropping any cash on their products, so let us introduce ourselves. Hello, we're Kinetic Hosting.

We've always been interested in gaming and game server hosting. With over 10 years of experience running public game servers. Be this for Minecraft, modded Minecraft, or games like Garry's Mod and Rust. In this time we've used our fair share of game hosts. None of them ever clicked with us.

Some host had good panels, but slow support, or good panels, but slow hardware. With the most popular hosts charging huge sums of money for their offerings. We knew we could do better. So we launched Kinetic Hosting in 2020. With our panel built on a modern platform, hardware thats good for using not just marketing, and support that gets back to you the same day not in a weeks time. We're proud of what we've built, but we're still always improving and adding new features based on our clients feedback.


Our Timeline

Old Kinetic Hosting Logo

The Start

We started as a small page on the modded network call Kinetic Network. Just offering hosting for their modpacks.

July 2020


100 Clients

We quickly grew and past over 100 clients, just a few months later.

September 2020

Old Website

Our Own Home

As we grew people wanted more than just Kinetic Modpack hosting. So we fully launched our own site.

November 2020


More Than Minecraft

We launched packages for Garry's Mod, Bedrock Minecraft, Rust, and more.

January 2021


Even More Games

We grew our list to support Valheim, 7 Days To Die, and Ark. Now supporting over 6 games.

March 2021