Terms of Service

Last updated: November 18, 2023
Here are the full TOS for Kinetic Hosting. We’ve tried to make sure it’s all in clear English, so you can fully understand what we’re talking about here.
If you have questions or concerns with our TOS, then please contact us!


Dapper Fox Group LTD (“Kinetic Hosting”) agrees to furnish services to the Subscriber subject to the following terms.
Dapper Fox Group LTD , the company hereafter referred to as (“Kinetic Hosting”), any subsidiaries, (“Us”), (“We”), and The Client, (“You”), (“Users”), (“Clients”) and (“Client”).
Use of any Kinetic Hosting service constitutes acceptance and agreement to our TOS (“Terms of Service”).
We may update and change our TOS anytime without any notice. So please check back here from time to time. Breach of any updated agreements is still grounds for termination of your account and service.

Eligibility To Use

Kinetic Hosting can not allow Clients to use our services if the following applies.
- Under the age of 13 with no parental/legal guardian consent.
- A person barred from receiving and rendering service under the laws of the United Kingdom, United States or another applicable jurisdiction.
- Are not able to sign any form of legally binding contracts.


Servers are eligible for full refunds within 72 hours of their initial purchase. This point is marked at the time your server is created in our database. Refunds can be requested without reason or cause within this 72 hour window.

Servers are also eligible for full or partial refunds within 14 days due to fault or error with our service. Its up to the full discretion of Kinetic Hosting as to what constitutes to a fault or error.

The following services are non-refundable:

- Dedicated Servers
- Any Addons
- Dedicated IP Addresses
- Server Upgrades
- Any Lifetime Packages

Any services purchase with a promotional code or gift card is not eligible for a refund. Any virtual funds added to your account are final and not eligible for a refund. We may require additional information to process your refund. This information must be given within the refund window. If we receive a charge-back, your account will be terminated and you will be banned from our services. Refund requests must be requested via our ticket system.


All cancellations must be requested via the correct channels. All cancellation requests must be issued via the Request Cancellation area in our Billing Panel.

Cancellations will terminate your services, any and all data will be destroyed on the requested cancellation date. Cancellations may not be possible to reverse. Refunds can not be requested via our cancellation system and must be done via a ticket. Cancellation does not guarantee a refund and must be requested by the client via our ticket system. Once

Liability, Limitations, and Exclusion

Kinetic Hosting, under any circumstances, is not liable for any data lost, disruption of information, or distribution of information including but not limited to that of unauthorised access to our systems, or any other loss of data. This also includes any data lost with MySQL databases.

Kinetic Hosting is also not liable for any disruption to your service for any period of time.

Kinetic Hosting is not responsible for any actions taken by sub-user accounts. This includes damage or deletion of files on your servers.

Kinetic Hosting is not responsible for any actions taken place on our game servers.

Kinetic Hosting is not responsible for any damage or loss of data caused as a direct result of Clients actions.

Billing and Missed Payments

Kinetic Hosting will send you a warning before your server is set for renewal. If you still miss the payment, then your server will be suspended. Your server will be suspended for a 7 days, if we don’t get a payment, the server will then be deleted.


We try to reply to all tickets within 24 hours of their request. Depending on how complex the ticket is, support may take longer. Support can only be requested via our Discord servers support channels and our ticket system. Spamming of our ticket system or Discord support channels may lead to your support privileges being revoked, and you banned from our system. Any attempt to get around a support ban will lead to your account being suspended and services terminated without warning or delay.

We reserve the right not to provide support due to abuse, threats, swearing, or insults directed at our support staff via our ticket system, Discord, or live chat.

Kinetic Hosting reserves the right not to provide support for any 3rd party software.

Game TOS or EULA

All servers must be following their subjective games TOS or EULA. Any server found to be in breach of this may be terminated without warning. This includes hosting “Cracked” Minecraft servers. Support may also not be provided for any server that is in breach of their games TOS or EULA.


Kinetic Hosting may revoke any server that has not been used for more than six months if it has been gifted in a giveaway. Kinetic Hosting reserves the right to remove a giveaway server at any time, without warning or delay.


Any of our services may be terminated without warning or delay due to the following reasons:

Minecraft & Game Servers:

- Running a Non-Minecraft related jar
- Using tools to bypass RAM, CPU, or storage limits
- Attempt to gain unauthorised access
- The use of any mods or plugins that can cause harm to other servers or players
- The use of adult material in a server with minors
- Excessive high CPU usage
- Excessive high Bandwidth usage
- Excessively large files
- Using your storage space to host files not used for the function of your server

Dedicated/VPS/Web Servers:
- Any system that’s being used to host illegal activity of any kind.

Any termination is not limited to this list here and can be terminated at the full discretion of Kinetic Hosting.


Kinetic Hosting may need to provide access or information about your server if requested by the appropriate authorities. If possible you will be notified of this action, however, we may not always be allowed or able to give notification. Notification will be provided after the fact, rather than before.


Any threats to compromise our server systems or the daily function of Kinetic Hosting, will result in a full investigation and potentially litigation. Any threat to a Kinetic Hosting system is taken very seriously by our team. Any kind of threat targeted at any Kinetic Hosting team member will lead to your server being suspended.

Lifetime Packages/Deals

Lifetime packages or deals are only valid for the lifetime of Kinetic Hosting. If Kinetic Hosting is to close, all lifetime packages will be terminated. Lifetime packages are non-refundable.


We reserve the rights to terminate your services if our TOS is violated, or if deemed as needed by our team.

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