Service Level Agreement

Server downtime sucks, so here at Kinetic Hosting, we’re fully dedicated to keeping all our servers online 100% of the time. This service level agreement, also known as a SLA, applies to all clients and packages.

So What Is Downtime?

Downtime is any unplanned interruption to our service, during which the server is unresponsive to ping or TCP port test from other systems in the Kinetic Hosting network.

Client Credit

If there is an unplanned interruption to your service, then you’ll be eligible for Client Credit. This credit can be used as money off invoices and bills.

Client Credit will start to be issued if the services are unreachable for more than 10 consecutive minutes. Every hour of consecutive downtime after the 10 minutes, clients will be entitled to claim 5% of the monthly bill up to 100% of the service value. If the service is down for more than 24 hours, clients will be entitled to claim back an extra 50% of that month’s bill as Client Credit.


There are some exclusions to our SLA.

- Outage due to third party software
- Outage due to hardware failure
- Outage due to acts of God
- Outage due to illegal activities or DDoS attacks
- Outage due to issues at third-party data centers
- If the client is exceeding resources allocated to them by their plan
- If we believe your SLA claim to be fraudulent

Please note that our dedicated and cloud servers are not covered by the SLA.

Scheduled Downtime

To keep our servers ticking, we may need to take them offline for maintenance. If downtime is scheduled, its therefore planned, and clients will not be entitled to claim Client Credit.

Schedule downtime must be announced 24 hours before the downtime occurs.


To claim your client credit, you must open a ticket with our billing team.

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