Kinetic Panel

See all the features our custom panel has to offer? All of this comes with all our packages at no extra cost.

A Panel Built For Games

Quick Overview

See all the info about your server in a quick overview.

Clear Console

Live updating console for all supported games.

Files In The Web

Access, edit, upload, and manage your files from the built-in web file manager.

Split That Server

Not using all your resources? Why waste them? Split unused resources onto another server.

Change Your Game

Getting bored? Change your game at any time (Dedicated IP required).

Quick Settings

No more aimlessly hunting in the files. Edit the most common settings from our Quick Settings.

Panel Quick Overview Page

A Panel Built For Minecraft


Download any Modpack with server files with just a single click.


Download new versions and popular jars with ease.


Edit server settings through a simple GUI.


Download, update, and manage plugins with the Plugin Manager.

Player Manager

Manage players' permissions, keep track of bans, and update the whitelist with ease.

Startup Flags

Full control over your startup flags. Set your own, or use our presets.

Panel Modpack Page

A Panel Built For You


Make your connection address look fancy, by making a custom subdomain (only supported by some games).


Put an end to bots spamming your server! Block incoming connections and IP's with our Firewall Manager.

Audit Everything

See what's happening on your server even when you're not there with our Audit Logs tool.

Add Another User

Allow others to manage your server using our Sub Users tool. Select the exact permissions you would like them to have.

Manage Those Backups

Keep your files safe with our Backup Manager.


Access all your files anytime, anywhere. With full access to FTP.

Panel Subdomain Page

A Panel Built For Quality of Life

Device Friendly

Our panel can be used on any device! No matter the screen size. Manage your server on the go.

Open A Port

No need to open a ticket. Open your own ports from within the panel.

Reverse Proxy

Built in Reverse Proxy. Free for all servers.

Create A Database

Make your own Database and manage it from within the panel.


Automate commands, power actions, and backups on your server with our Schedules tool.

Built In Help

Our panel is full of built-in help boxes. Each bringing you directly to the guide you need from the Kinetic Knowledge Base.

Panel Device Friendly Page

We're always updating.

We're always updating our panel with new features. See our roadmap, and past updates.

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