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Extra threads will give more power to your CPU. For normal usage our included 3 Threads will be fine. However, if you're looking to run a lot of plugins, or mods. We recommend upping this.

The closer you are to your server, the better ping you'll have. You can test your ping to every location here. Minecraft can work fine in high ping. We recommend 140 - 150 ping being the max for Minecraft.

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All this, and so much more comes with your server

Change Games Anytime

Want to try a different game? Change the game your server is running at any time to any of our supported games.

Split Your Server

Split unused resources into another server, at no additional cost.

Free Backups

Keep your files and server safe with our Backup Manager.

MySQL Database

Access to a MySQL Database at no additional cost.

Firewall Manager

Block and allow incoming traffic from specific IP addresses.

Reverse Proxy

Setup your custom domain for your web map.

Beta Supported

We support beta versions of games, so you can play the latest updates.

Change Install Flags

Add your own install flags to your server.

Mod Your Server

Nothing is off limites. Add all the mods you need to your Eco server.

File & Console Access

Edit your files in the web, and keep an eye on your server with our live updating console.

Unlimited Player Slots

We don't cap your player slots. Cram in as many players as your server can handle.

24/7 Support

Our support team is always on hand to help you with any questions or issues.


If the questions you're looking for isn't here, please join our Discord or contact our sales team.

Yep, you can install the beta version of Eco by editing your install flags.

Yep, you can mod your server.

Yep, you can upgrade and downgrade your server at anytime. So if you're not sure about a package, pick a lower option and upgrade as needed.

Yep, you can upload your own world via the file manager.

We don't cap your server, cram all the players in your server can handle.

As soon as you order your server, your server is active and ready to use. Allowing you to get online in no time.

Choose From 9 Locations

We know ping matters, so we have locations all over the world

We recommend testing your ping two or three times, to get the most accurate reading. Repeated presses of the button might show a higher ping due to rate limits

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Performance, Impact, Standard & Budget Packages

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East Coast US

Washington D.C.

Performance, Impact, Standard & Budget Packages

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West Coast US

San Francisco

Performance Packages Only

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Performance, Standard & Budget Packages

*If a location is full, you might be placed on the next closest available location. However, we will always make sure you have a good connection to your server (EU and NA Servers Only).

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